My name is Damian and I am a Student of Computer Science at WSB-NLU. I am interested for IT, Applications development and everything related to modern technology that makes our world easier and more efficient. My homeland is Poland. I like going to the gym and jogging outdoors. I am interested in new places, cultures and art.


Passion for Programming

Automation and Machine Programming is my thing, I started this professional adventure as a cnc machine programmer in Germany, constantly improving my skills and learning new codes and programs. However, cnc (computerized numerical control) is The limited world and reaching the level of device builder, I decided to achieve more, so I started learning PHP, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS programming languages, learning Laravel Framework, .NET, jquery, Bootstrap, and communication technologies Websocket and WebRTC. I have acquired knowledge in the field of administration, configuration and maintenance of servers, including support for websites, e-mail, FTP, communication online, audio and video broadcasting, as well as MySql database management. I can position myself online and use e-marketing to effectively attract attention to specific goals and profits.

As a programmer, I wish you a peaceful, safe and stable future. The work I do in front of the computer gives me a lot of fun and absorbs me completely. I like it very much, new challenges, and satisfaction with the achieved goals. The tasks entrusted to me, is being implemented successively, so my future needs only trusted and successful associates and leaders. I think that over the next 20 years, I will be able, as a Full-stack developer, to continue to learn, learn new languages and learn newer and newer programming technologies.


My Work Passions

Below are my current interests and skills in web development, which I regularly expand and explore. Come in.


As it is widely known to create websites, these two technologies are the basis of the structure for front end development. A good knowledge of CSS to give the appearance of a website written in HTML and reaching into its deepest structures is a great time for me.


Developing Applications in NET technology, in c# programming language, for me it is a pride to be able to work with and develop companies that take advantage of the support that software automation brings by being able to use Windows products. I personally like the purity and versatility of the c# language that I use to write applications with NET technology.


Working on the new generation of PHP7 is an irreplaceable way for me to write very good Side Scripts Server. I like the magic of PHP very much, along with its sometimes heavy pages and inconsistencies. The fact that it is used by most of the most popular websites makes it worth investing in using it, and the constant updating of this old language gives certainty of its future.


I like it the most in this language, the amazing support and the fast impressive development. JavaScript thanks to Node.js has already gone beyond the browser, I'm waiting for further development and its capabilities, an interesting thing I've read about it is the possibility of future programming devices with it. I also like the statement "It's hard to keep up with it. 2 years for JavaScript is centuries."


My favorite JS Framework is Jquery. I like to use it often even though it has finished its development. I use Laraver on server side, Bootstrap for css and some Vue.js. Soon I want to expand this knowledge about Angular and React.

Broadcasting technologies

While developing the Randates Application, I learned to use Websocket and WebRTC, where they are connected together, and to communicate in it, gives you the opportunity to use the latest technology, as opposed to using the old VOIP. Randates also uses Pusher and beyondcode software from a German company, which makes the transmission and use of Randates 100% free and without cost to the owner.

Creative Ideas

I really enjoy browsing other sites, reading about new web technologies, and often learning and using them for my own purposes. I like it in web development that you don't have to create the Internet anew every time you want and need to build a really good and modern website, application or portal.

PWA i TWA Applications

Currently preparing Mobile and Desktop Apps in Progressive web app, it is a very fast and relatively easy way to introduce the app directly, to your phone or to your computer, on all platforms. However, PWA and TWA requires the most accurate code and stucture of the Web App or website to make the score in Google Lighthouse really impressive with levels from 90%. With TWA you can put your app in Google Play, this technology, young and dynamically developed, perhaps represent the future of applications except for demanding games.

German and English

I should mention here that not only do I speak English, in my work with development, but I also know German very well, because I lived in Germany for 9 years, and the last years of my work as a cnc programmer, I have spent performing office duties (Leitstand), related to the management and functionality of German machinery, and a Polish-German translator. However, the English language is the basis for me, from an early age, without which you cannot be a programmer, I think.

GIMP i Google Ranking

I use GIMP because it's free. It's a very good competitor for Photoshop and I think I can use it to rework, create and edit great illustrations, logos, and themes. Positioning is a big challenge nowadays, google has raised its algorithm standards and it's not enough to choose the right domain name and selected meta keywords to jump on number 1 score. Fortunately, I am keeping a close eye on this development.

SQL, Linux i Reports

In my recent projects I have been involved in Updating the structure of a company that uses outdated Cognos and Informix reporting techniques on Linux, to combine an Oracle Database with a new interactive program. It was an interesting task for me to combine techniques over the years in the IT world, and an opportunity to learn more about the structure of SQL Cognos, Report generation on Linux using Informix, and connections to data servers.

Administration of Servers

I started this adventure on phpMyAdmin/ cPanel, but as you know it's not enough. Currently I support, manage, configure the server with commands, and partly for modern webmin. I can set up the server page from scratch so that I can easily use all the applications and pages needed to operate in the network. Of course, this includes the ability to create ssl, dns, mail, firewall, MySQL, Apache and SSH certificates.

JSON, XML, API, QR, RPA Software

I enjoy and am able to generate universal data storage languages and use various formats to communicate with each other using current software standards. I am also active in creating structures for automating processes used in everyday activities.


I'd like to introduce you, My Private Sites / Applications. I highly recommend, and I encourage you to research and visit them.


Web application, made in many modern technologies. Randates is a growing portal for all people who just want to talk to everyone. I warmly inviting you.


The Adwers business card is dedicated to the opportunities offered by cooperation and a description of the online trade offer for people and companies wishing to appear on the Internet. Welcome


A web application in PHP Laravel that catalogs data in its current basic version, More on the page.
efilm-REST API

REST API - Katalog

An example of a REST API application in PHP Laravel, for a movie description directory. The application has an interface api json as well as front-end communication. Feel fully there.


I attach below my contact details and the form. I am very happy that I could make this page for you. Thank you for visiting and I kindly appreciate your contact and cooperate with me.
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